Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Spell is Broken!

Sunny skies and barn quilts. I had forgotten how lovely they are together!

Back in Ohio this weekend--this time in the East. I started in Columbus last night. I think the folks at Budget Car Rental made a mistake--they gave me a Jeep! Woo-hoo, 4 wheel drive!

It was already getting dark as I headed to Coschocton. A couple of interesting sights.
One I spotted literally from a mile away. A big basket. I mean A BIG BASKET. Turns out it is the headquarters for a basket company--there are actually offices inside of that thing!

I have seen many of the bicentennial barns in Ohio; they are ubiquitous (my students' current favorite word). But this one lit at night was especially nice.

Now if I can just figure out how to get a barn quilt with the full moon in the shot. What a fabulous moon last night! But no luck. This new camera takes great pics in auto mode but doesn't allow for much fancy stuff!

My hostess last night and guide for this morning--Ann Cornell--has quite a few Amish neighbors. There were only a couple of near Jeep and buggy collisions. Those darned horses get going fast downhill! I am often accused of mentioning food too often, but hey--when was the last time you had French toast made from French bread? I suppose if I mention the cobbler for lunch--oh, never mind.
I found out a couple of things about Llamas. First, they are very friendly. Second, they are good at keeping wild dogs away from sheep--apparently because they want to be friends, which the dogs find somewhat menacing. Finally, when one of your llama pets dies, his hair can be woven into a rug. We saw a very nice brown mat named "Pepe" today.

Oh, and they are proud of their barn quilts. At least this guy is.

Harrison County has a nice variety of barns and mostly traditional patterns. Lots of bikers, too. The winding roads and rolling hills are filled with motorcyclists. I think there needs to be a barn quilt motorcycle tour!

Monroe County was a highly anticipated destination--other than Miami, the only spot where all of the quilts are hand painted on the barn surface. I didn't get to see as many as I would have liked, but they really were a treat.

Poor Pete and Melissa Prescott. They offered me a place to stay, not knowing that I would show up at 10:30 PM--the middle of the night for farm folk! Their farm is known as Destiny Groves and is very special to Donna Sue Groves; more on that tomorrow.

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