Friday, February 5, 2010

Heartwarming Beauty

Such a beautiful photograph from barn owner Maria Piacenti of Kankakee, IL. Could there be anything better? A barn quilt in falling snow --
at night. Just makes you want to snuggle!

And here is a sweet gift from my friends in Kankakee:
A Heartland Valentine--take a few minutes to watch:



  1. My three favorite things: quilts, barns and snow:) LOVE IT!!!

  2. Very pretty, but it look so cold! makes me want to wrap up in a quilt now!

  3. That YouTube video is so sweet. The music is just as touching. I have travelled with my husband along the Ohio River up through Cincinnati and have had the opportunity to see some barn quilts there.

    We also eat at this very sweet restaurant called "Moyers" right on the Ohio river. They have a quilt right on their barn too. I love 'em. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Glad you like it! I know Moyers well; it's where Donna Sue Groves and I have dinner when I visit--what a view!

  5. What a wonderful opportunity to write this book! I was also inspired by the quilt lady to one day paint quilt squares on our barns. Beautiful pictures! Very inspiring!

  6. It really has been a joy; now that the book is finished, I am at loose ends!

    I hope that you will paint those barn quilts; please share photos when you do.