Friday, June 11, 2010

Quilts on the Grange

I will have to admit that I didn't know what a Grange was until I was contacted by Barbara Gross.

I do know that six of them in Pennsylvania have quilt squares, and a dozen more are on the way. Barbara is helping to coordinate this statewide trail on Grange halls and other community buildings throughout Pennsylvania

From the Pennsylvania Grange site: "The Grange is a family fraternal organization dedicated to the betterment of rural America through community service, education, legislation, and fellowship."

A bit of research told me that Granges are common in many states--but not in Georgia or Florida, the only two in which this gal has resided.

The Fairdale Grange in Susquehanna County chose this Friendship Star, saying, "What better place than the grange to find new friends?

Check for more info on the other quilt squares in their burgeoning trail.


  1. I love ;your blog. We are just beginning to farm for the first time and I am quilting for the first time. I'm hoping for ton of info from you!!

    Take care-

  2. Thanks, Cindy!

    You didn't say where you are, but I am guessing that there isn't a quilt trail nearby. I hope that when you get your farm established, you will adorn a building or fence with a quilt square! I have a great link to info for the "how to." Just let me know.



    The Wardsville Barn Quilt Gallery is installed and today is the big day.

  4. Mary, be sure to post the link to the Facebook site--there are so many people who would just love to see it!