Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Tennessee Treasure

I've been writing about Iowa but couldn't resist this great barn and quilt in Tennessee that Paula Stover sent my way.

I had the pleasure of touring the Upper Cumberland area of Tennessee last summer, and Overton County was just getting started. Paula, who lives in Overton and is working on the quilt trail there, reports that there are about 25 quilts now, with more going up every week--great progress!

This Tree of Life is a replica of a quilt that Paula's mother made for her when she was about 10 years old.

Paula writes, "Our barn and farm have their own stories. The barn was built from houses that were torn down when they built Dale Hollow Dam in 1943. My father and grandfather bought the houses, demolished them and built the barn. This was just before my father entered WWII. Our farm is a Tennessee Century Farm. It has been continuously in our family for over 150 years. I am the 5th generation to live on this farm called 'Ivy Hill Farm."

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  1. Wow, great barn, great quilt, and great story all rolled into one!