Sunday, February 6, 2011

Beauty in the Blizzard!

These aren't exactly "barn quilts in blizzards" photos. After all, those of you who are still digging out from under all of that snow probably don't have photography on your mind! But I still do have a great love for barn quilt snow photos, and a few friends have been kind enough to oblige--enjoy!

These two were sent by Ed Williams of Calhoun County, Illinois. They have some beauties! The first one is an homage to International Harvester--notice the red and black symbol? I was amazed to find out just how adamant farmers are about the brand of farm machinery they use. Some are red and black folks, and others yellow and green.

One of the first farms I visited was that of Bruce and Debbie Bacon, in Jonesborough, Tennessee. Debbie sent this great photo of snow falling in front of their LeMoyne Star

Hope everyone is staying warm; we are having a false spring--50 degrees today--but more snow in the forecast for next week.


  1. great the red against the snow..way

  2. Beautiful! I love the snowy backdrops.

  3. I LOVE your blog! Thanks for mentioning it in your email to me. (I'm the person who sent you the link to my Flickr barn quilt set. You're bookmarked here! Betty Eich