Friday, June 29, 2012

Love this project!

Abby Mitchell wrote to me of her barn quilt project at her Tennessee farm:

"My husband and I were traveling in Kentucky last year to buy some sheep and noticed all of the barn quilts along the way. I was in love! Coming from a long line of quilt makers and quilt lovers I couldn't get enough of them. We live on our family farm outside Nashville, TN. Along our 2 1/2 mile long dead end road we have a scattering of old and new barns. When we arrived home I told my niece about the experience and together we started painting. We completed a square for each of the 7 barns down the road and some out buildings giving ourselves our own quilt trail."

How cool is that? The fist family quilt trail that I know of! Abby spoke to someone in nearby Franklin who had been to one of my talks--it was suggested that she send me her photos. I am so glad that she did! As you can see, she not only has a knack for barn quilt painting but is also a skilled photographer!

Abby continued, "The family loves it and we are hooked on the idea. We want to start a trail from Franklin to our area of Fernvale which are both in Williamson county."

I have a feeling that Abby and her niece, Amanda, are going to be very busy! I hope that they are able to gather some community support and expand the Williamson County Quilt Trail!

As always, I encourage you to send me your updates and information. Visit to find out more about the quilt trail. And check out the book--either by purchasing one yourself or encouraging your local library to order a copy.

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  1. Hi Suzi,
    This is so cool!

    We have finally finished our barn quilt.
    Stop by and take a look!

    Happy 4th!