Thursday, July 12, 2012

Paducah to St Louis

Today we traveled from Cadiz, KY all of the way to St. Louis. Of course, I had to find some barn quilts to visit along the way--this time in Murray, KY.
I love to see barn quilts in patriotic colors; this is by far the most common color scheme.

This one was so nicely framed by the fence and trees!

Someone wrote to me asking if I had ever seen a mule barn quilt before.  Actually, there is one in Kentucky, and a photo of it is in the book!  I had no idea that I would run across a second one--that's for sure!

On to central Missouri!


  1. I've seen a donkey block somewhere before, but I think the colors were different. I suppose there could be two donkey quilt blocks in the US, but it's certainly unique.
    What fun you must be having, finding new barn quilts along the way.

  2. Vivian, there is actually a Donkey quilt (she called it Mule Train, but it is the same pattern) in the book! I was pretty tired--and frustrated with lousy internet--and forgot to mention it!

  3. Just found your blog. What fun finding these all over. Our town, LeRoy, New York, in Genesee County, just had it's bicenntenial. We had over 100 people put up barn quilts for the celebration. Now we're working on the barn quilt's trail folder so others can find them. If you get this way look us up at the LeRoy Historical Society on Main Street. Happy travels.

  4. So you're finding them in Missouri. I'm gonna have to ask my sister to keep an eye open on the barns and find me one whenever I get back up that way so I can say I saw one. For now I'm so glad you share your finds.