Monday, August 12, 2013

Change of Plans!

It had to happen eventually, so I went for sooner rather than later.  Yep--that's me driving Ruby!!  It actually was not as bad as I expected.  Three hours total, including the drive through Indianapolis.

We had a grand time in West Lafayette and the next night at the state fair.

Moving day--I headed up to Chicago to pick up some books, and then we hit the road for Michigan.  Not a few minutes later, Glen reported that the coach was losing power, and we smelled something burning. This was the scene on the side of the highway a while later--electrical fire! 

The damage was minor, but it did involve having Ruby towed 100 miles away and our sleeping in a rather iffy motel--the only one I could find at midnight that allowed dogs.

We had to spend another night in Indiana. and the next day, PLAN B commenced.  Everything is now packed into the car--and I mean PACKED.  

Off to Vicksburg, MI, where Kitch and Hugh Rinehart greeted us warmly and our troubles were soon forgotten. Here is God's Eye--one of those quilt blocks that I was not aware of at all until I began following the quilt trail.

In Vicksburg, our 78-pound pup, Gracie, met her nemesis.  Yes, she who will stare down a pit bull without hesitation was petrified of Murphy the cat!

We hated to leave Vicksburg and our new friends behind, but I was due in Manchester, MI the next day.  This is an interesting take on the barn quilt--the first time I have seen a quilt created of shingles.

Here we are in Canada, ready to see the wonderful trails in Southwest Ontario. We visited Erieau Beach yesterday and enjoyed fresh fish in a local spot. Glad we did, as today has been nothing but gloomy.  Hoping for good weather tomorrow--nothing worse than barn quilting in the rain!


  1. I am SO proud of you for driving Ruby all ready!!!
    I was scared to death to even try for the LONGEST time! Manny gave me a lesson a few months ago. He said I needed to know just in case...

    So, what is going on with Ruby? I'm sure that was quite an adventure. You will find, there are always adventures with these buses, but things usually work out ok. Keep us posted.

  2. It sounds like Ruby is focused on giving you more adventure than you want, as you travel the countryside. I can imagine the frustration of packing a coach, and then moving everything into a car. Tight squeeze, I'm sure.
    Love that barn quilt made of shingles. Was it painted on? or multi-colored shingles used? My guess is paint. Either way, it would be so unique to see.
    Safe travels, no matter what you're driving.

  3. That was cool...a barn quilt made with shingles. Now that was good. Glad the fire wasn't any worse.
    Poor Gracie
    thanks for sharing.