Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Against the Wind . . .

I was going to go with "We're not in Kansas anymore," but a new theme developed.  I was eager to get to Nebraska, as there are a number of great quilt trails there.  And I thought we would escape the winds of Kansas.  HA!  Not a chance!

First stop--Fillmore County. Isn't this a lovely sunny pattern?  Got a great blue sky for this shot!

The ladies of Wilber have created quilt for the flower boxes that line the streets of their little town.  This place is C-U-T-E!  Where else but in a theme park can you hear polka music in the streets?

Wilber is the Czech capital of the US, and it's quite a theme for them.  At the Czech store, I saw everything from authentic hand-sewn costumes to--that's right--a Czech sock monkey!  Just a charming place that celebrates culture without taking it too seriously.
Nancy, who took me on the tour in Wilber, made sure I didn't leave empty-handed, of course. There was some disagreement among her friends about how to spell Kolache, but everyone agreed that the traditional pastries were a "must."  Of course, they didn't all quite survive the drive . . .

Next on the agenda was Pender, a town that I had wanted to visit for some time. We started looking for a place to park and found that the Blue Ox company--the maker of the towing system on our bus and car--is located there.  Pretty cool to stumble across a great factory tour along the quilt trail.
To top it off, they have a no-cost RV parking area for their customers.  And a barn quilt!

The folks in Pender installed over two hundred quilt blocks for the town's 125th anniversary.  That's pretty awesome for a town of just over one thousand people! 

  This is one of my favorites--and I saw the quilt, too!  Love it!  Everywhere you turn in Pender, you see a barn quilt.  I really have never seen anything quite like it.  I would love to have walked the streets with a video camera to capture the experience--it was just that magical!

 This one is a replica of an actual quilt made of dozens of ties.  Great detail here!

 There is one just like this in Athens County, Ohio--I love it when I see "old friends" along the way.

The last quilt I saw on the way out of Pender--as we got ready to head even farther north.  Yep--Minnesota, y'all!

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