Monday, June 22, 2009

Hot off the Press!

The first article about my trip came out today; here is the link:

Busy day today--toured Plymouth County with the Barkers, who were so sweet to pick me up and show me the area. Of course, when they picked me up, it was raining so hard that the clothes INSIDE my suitcase got wet by the time I got the trunk open! It cleared up only for a few minutes, so I did manage to get a few shots with blue skies.

Mr. Barker provided a wealth of information about hog farming, barn construction, and soil conservation.
I was curious as to how a barn with a rounded roof (above right) was made, and the only way to find out to see it from the inside. So up the slats to the hayloft. I didn't slide over onto the upper floor, as he didn't look strong enough to grab me if I fell. But I saw how the boards were put together to create the rounded structure.
Mary Roder took me on the afternoon tour and sent me on my way. A couple of miles down the road, as I crested a hill, a buzzard or hawk was too busy shredding some roadkill to get out of the way. I wonder if his buddies made a meal out of him.

On to Sac County. Sue Peyton, whose son started the barn quilts there as part of a 4-H project, hosted me and several committee members for dessert. Chocolate pie--yummy. Did I mention about those jeans?

By the time I got to Sac, there was a blue sky filled with clouds that looked almost unreal. So despite my weariness after eight hours of touring and two of driving, I stopped for a couple of photos.

Will be taking the tour of Sac tomorrow. The good news is that I am sleeping in the same motel for two nights. No frantic morning packing.

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