Thursday, December 31, 2009

Warm Quilts in the Cold Snow

Here I am all snug and warm on a dreary New Year's Eve, working away at my final chapters. I am also looking forward to serving dinner for a few friends.

A couple of folks mentioned that they would like to see some photos of barn quilts in the snow. Not too many people venture out into the cold to photograph barns, so the few snow photos that I have are already earmarked for the book!

But a quick email to Clayton and Carolyn Pratt of Kankakee, Illinois, and a beautiful winter snow barn photo landed in my inbox! I visited Kankakee in October; a great tour and a barn quilt potluck--it doesn't get any better than that!

Yes, that really is a barn--George Bingley's barn, with the Flower Basket quilt; the photo was taken by Mr. Bingley. For more info on the barn and this trail, go to

You will also see links to the YouTube videos about their project--check them out!

I have some more winter photos coming--stay tuned. And please do drop a note to let me know that you stopped by.



  1. Suzi, I just discovered your blog this morning and I'm so glad I did! I hope you let us all know when the book comes out -- I know I'll be wanting a copy. It's nice to know where the whole concept of barn quilts came from. And to see all the wonderful barn quilts on your blog is a treat! Have a wonderful New Year!

  2. I love that snow photo and will be anxious to see more as you get them.

  3. Thanks for the snow picture, Suzi.
    We have plenty of it where I live. But we have a warm place to paint, and we are on track to paint 3-4 blocks this winter.

  4. Hi Elsie,

    Glad you hear that your trail is growing; you are on my list of folks to call! Happy New Year--will talk over the weekend or next week.

  5. Hi Suzi,

    I just found your blog and I can't wait to see your book. What a great idea to document these wonderful outdoor quilts. I'll keep an eye out for barn quilts in New England for you.

    Also I'm writing about your project on my blog tomorrow.

    Happy new year to you.

    Karen Griska

  6. Hi Karen,

    Yes, please do let me know if you see any barn quilts in New England; they have reached NY, PA, and NJ, so there is definitely a northern trend!

    Thanks for mentioning my project on your blog.

    Best wishes for the new year,


  7. Found your blog today thanks to Karen
    Griska. I hope you are including the barns I saw last summer outside Kewaunee,WI. They were painted as a 4H project I believe, and were show stopping. I was driving north on Highway 42, along Lake Michigan, when I first noticed them. Had to go to the internet to find out why there were so many. I was bowled over when I saw them.
    Sally in CA (formerly from small town,Wisconsin).