Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Break!

Spring Break started today, which means time to hit the trail. Today we drove from Georgia to Franklin, Tennessee. We got a late start, so I hadn't planned any side trips--shame on me! Of course once I realized that we were changing time zones, we had a bonus hour. Time to get out the GPS and find some barn quilts.

This one is at the entrance to a winery; the young man there said that the quilt was from the 19th century and was made in the area. He thought that the original was on the premises but couldn't seem to find it. We left a bit disappointed but ready to head out into the beautiful countryside.

There are certain things I eat only when on the road. Those little pre-packaged crackers with cheese, Slurpies, and a few other favorites. Hadn't seen these in a while!

As I munched, I glanced across the highway and saw a decorated barn. Not a quilt, but the star certainly shines against the red background.

It took some doing to find this lovely spot. The barn belongs to The Ledford Mill Bed and Breakfast, a charming building in what was once an actual mill house. The barn quilt is the "Drunkard's Path." We happened to meet Mildred, the owner of the inn, as she was out with her dogs. She said that the mill is located between two of the state's largest distilleries--hence the name.

There are almost no black barns in Tennessee; they are seen more in Kentucky. But just outside of Lynchburg, this "Circle Star" appears. I wish I had been able to speak with the barn owners. I left a business card with a note on top of their mailbox--perhaps they will get it!

Tuesday morning, I will be visiting with the Cumberland Valley Quilt Association here in Franklin, and then in the evening, I will be in Athens to speak to the Heritage Quilt Guild there. We have a big week ahead; I look forward to meeting some of Tennessee's quilters and to sharing the journey with you.

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