Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Upstate Update

Here it is Wednesday, and I haven't shared the rest of our trip to Seneca, South Carolina. We set out on Sunday and stopped to see a couple of quilt squares; this sweet one was not too far from our motel.

I do love traveling in the country, just to see what there is to see--that is how I got tangled up in barn quilts to begin with. Hadn't seen one of these since my grandma's back yard when I was a kid. Hard to believe that we are no longer ALLOWED to hang our clothes out to dry!

Ah--my favorite pattern, Grandmother's Flower Garden. Just love love love this rendition of it with the black! Sometime I hope to be able to see the actual cloth quilt--I'll bet it's a beauty.

The quilt trail is about people, and I have been blessed to make some wonderful friends along the way. I count Martha File among them; here we are at the Ballenger House after our talks to the Women's Club there.

This was my first signing event, and it was just so terrific to meet the volunteers who have been part of the Upstate Heritage Quilt Trail and to share the book with them!


  1. That Flower Garden quilt looks like a fabric quilt hanging there! Beautiful.

  2. Oh my gosh!~ I HAVE to live where I can hang my sheets on the line! ~ Especially this time of the year. You've been busy! I've missed a few posts. Your photos are incredible. I am so glad you are out there documenting all of this for us all. LOVE the GFG one too. You are a treasure. Thanks for all you do. My friend is so enjoying her book, thank you for signing it for her. Did you ever get mine back? I've not gotten it. Not worried, but wanted you to know in case you need to report it lost. HAPPY SPRING! Wisteria, azaleas, dogwoods, amaryllis, so much blooming here. COME ON DOWN!