Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Wealth of Barn Quilts in Wisconsin

Wisconsin was actually late in joining the barn quilt movement, but with so many incredible dairy barns--those who got into barn quilts did so with a vengeance!  We had visited only briefly in the past, but now it was time to really dig in.

The day after we arrived, I visited with a quilt guild in Milwaukee and then took a side trip to the nearby quilt museum.  This is a really wonderful quilt, a 9/11 memorial. If you look closely, you might be able to see that each piece of this quilt is a face--a photo of someone lost in that tragedy.
While in the area, I met my online friend Yvonne, who has contributed photos for my calendars.  We have chatted about barn quilts a lot, and on a sunny Saturday, Glen and I shared another of our interests with Yvonne and her husband.  Here we are kayaking on the Rock River.
Our campsite was near Walworth County, WI, so each time I set out on the road I allowed a bit of extra time for photos.  Love this spotted Ohio Star!
We headed north to an unusual campground where we were parked out in a field.  The mosquitoes were horrible--like nothing I have ever seen in Georgia!  At least we had friendly neighbors.

In Oconto County, I met a dairy farmer whose sense of humor is reflected in his choice of barn art.
I also toured a magnificent stone barn--really an incredible structure that is in the process of being restored.

On to the granddaddy of all quilt trails--Shawano County.  This is the largest single-county quilt trail in the country, with more than 250.  And oh, what beautiful barns--and quilt blocks!  I spent two days with Jim Leuenberger and his wife, Irene, who put together this array of barn quilts, and could have spent three more!

Here is Hands All Around--is that a picture perfect barn or what?
 These guys posed nicely for us, and Jim and I had a fun time with our photo shoot! I think we both forgot that we had stopped to see the barn quilt!
 A great example of colorful work on this Cross design.
I could show you a dozen more, but I have to save some for my archives--and for the new book, of course! Here I am with Jim in their painting studio--with their latest creations in the background.
The painting crew created a sort of sculpture our of all of the tape pulled form their paintings--looks like they love what they do!
I picked up some 2-year cheddar at the local market, and when I got back to the bus, I mentioned to Glen that there was a 9-year on the shelf as well.  Curiosity got the best of us, and we made the 20 mile round trip to grab a block of the aged variety.

SO--we left Wisconsin with both and had a taste test on the road. Boy, do I wish we had bought some more of that 9-year!  I don't think you can buy it elsewhere. I do have some Wisconsin friends who might be persuaded to send some our way, though!

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