Monday, June 9, 2014

Playing Catchup

Darn it--I was doing so well!  I am a couple of weeks behind--life on the quilt trail will do that to you!  I just couldn't resist a dip into Iowa--one, because there are so many barn quilts, and I just knew I would find a few treasures.  And two, even a bit farther south, it was a tiny bit warmer!

On our way, here is Glen with a great view out the window!  There are three quilt blocks on this farm.

The town of Strawberry Plains is all about--yep--strawberries!  I don't quite get it, as they don't grow here.  But yes, a large strawberry greets visitors on their way into town, and local businesses incorporate the theme into their names.

Of course, I was there to see barn quilts, and I wasn't disappointed.  Delaware County has both
 lovely barns and very brightly colored quilt blocks.  I love it when the colors just pop!

I had never seen a cupola up close, but this one was sitting next to a barn where it had been removed. Looks kind of like yard art, I think.

Riding in the bus is great fun, but there are still those "glad Glen was driving" moments--like these:

We headed back to Indiana, where we had to drop Ruby the bus off for repairs.  One of the new air conditioners that was installed last fall went kaput--actually the heat quit right in the midst of all of that snow--and since we were kind of in the neighborhood, we took the bus to Indiana where the work was done.
If you look closely, you can tell the difference just in the photo--yep, we are at car level now.  I missed the "Welcome to Ohio" sign, but these Bicentennial Barns are even better.  If you didn't know, the same artist - Scott Hagan -  painted all of these barns and went on to paint two entire quilt trails' worth of quilts directly on the barns.  If you are ever in the area, both Monroe and Belmont Counties are worth a visit.

Ohio was just a detour, as we were heading for southern Michigan.  Yep--four states in two days!
As always, please leave a comment or question to let me know you stopped by. And check out some additional photos from Iowa on the barn quilts Facebook page.   


  1. Great pics and I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at the Monroe County Quilt Guild meeting in May. Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Thanks! that was a great meeting--next time we will have a barn quilt painting class!

  2. I always like to follow along on your travels.

    1. Thanks, Kathryn! Glad you are enjoying the ride!

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  4. Suzi, I stumbled apon your blog via Pinterest. I rode my bicycle 3,785 plus miles for MS across the country this summer and found many new loves, barn quilt tiles especially. I'm enjoying browsing your blog. How do you think an Atlanta, "suburbian" neighborhood would respond if I created one and display it on the front of my house? I'm curious too, what would a Pro like you think? Thinking I could get others in the neighborhood turned on to this and end up having the most interesting neighborhood in North Georgia :)
    Just a girl wishing...missing those beautiful back road rides.

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