Thursday, July 9, 2009


Yesterday I saw the wonderful quilts of the Civil War trail in Dover, TN. The first quilt that they painted is an absolute masterpiece. Don't get mad, those of you who have created masterpieces--there are others. But a 16 by 16 intricately painted quilt--it took a year to complete--was almost overwhelming. They are unique in that they paint only full quilts instead of squares. One of their barn quilts is pictured above. As usual, not my best photo of the day.

On the way north to KY, I drove about 20 miles near my very first barn quilt. (above left) I had to stop--the place where all of this began. And there was Belenda Holland--out back of their house where I found her a year ago!! Of course this time she was relaxing rather than hanging laundry. She changed my life simply by taking a few minutes to speak with me and tell me what her barn quilt was all about. I am not sure I would ever have begun this journey if not for her.

We had a lovely time; Gracie and the Holland's pup were running around chasing each other and having great doggie fun. After about an hour, Gracie decided to attack! Not sure if she just got tired and didn't want to play anymore, but it was ugly. Took three of us to get them apart. Luckily, neither was seriously hurt.

Hint for the day: never stay in a motel that offers truck parking. Never.
Gotta go--bloggin' from the Golden Arches and the first of three appointments is coming up.

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