Saturday, February 25, 2012

Jocassee Jewels

Martha File of the Upstate Heritage Quilt Trail in South Carolina invited me to join her in speaking about the quilt trails. Tomorrow will be my first presentation since the book's release!

Seneca, SC is in such a beautiful area, including a couple of lakes. We are kayakers, so heading up here a day early and hitting Lake Jocassee seemed the only sensible thing to do.

On the way to the lake, we passed this great quilt block--a pair of them, actually. I am not sure which I enjoyed more--seeing this quilt or hearing my sweetheart ask, "Isn't that a Crazy Quilt?" He also correctly idenitified Grandmother's Flower Garden a bit farther down the road.

Martha had posted a photo of this quilt block on my Facebook page; knowing that we would see it at the lake added to the anticipation.

as if the wonderful painting and almost impossibly blue sky weren't enough, just a few steps past the quilt square, this spectacular view is revealed.

The lake was far more beautiful than I imagined. Unfortunately, the 35 mph winds that were forecast materialized, and well--whitecaps on a lake aren't my cup of tea. We have plans to return, though, and will bring some kayaking friends!


  1. I cannot believe that I live "in the neighborhood" and didn't know about these two blocks....I've wanted to start this in Pickens (the next county over from Oconee)but I think it will have to wait till I retire. LOL It's been a while since we visited Devils Fork Park, I guess we need to stop in!

  2. The Upstate Heritage Quilt Trail does include Pickens County!

    But yes, you do need to head out to the lake!