Monday, January 10, 2011


I know that for many of you six inches of snow is "Ho-hum, business as usual." But here in Georgia where we seldom see more than a few flakes or have to settle for nasty ice, we revel in it!

And of course, the good/bad news is that the city doesn't have the equipment to clear the roads, so we are snowed in.

I haven't posted all week because I was craving a snow photo and had none to share.
Of course my good friends Clayton and Carolyn Pratt of Kankakee, Illinois picked up my psychic waves and sent this gorgeous photo today!

This is Card Basket, on the barn of Phil and Kristi Moritz. Kristi took this lovely shot of their barn quilt, which is painted in University of Illinois colors of blue and orange.

Of course, this Florida Gator girl found this barn quilt particularly attractive!
Back to the stove--making batches of yummy soup. Stay warm and safe. And check Facebook for another incredible photo from Iowa that one of my friends out there just posted!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pursuit of Happiness

I like not to make my New Year's resolutions too specific--that way I can usually acheive them! This incredible quilt block in Kankakee, Illinois seems like a good theme for a new year--Pursuit of Happiness. That's an attainable goal, isn't it? My resolution for 2011--to pursue happiness! And yes, I do think that sometimes it must be sought and not taken for granted. Another great block by the Kankakee home school students. For more about their exemplary barn quilt program, visit 2011--As my work on this project slows down, it's time to pursue something new that will add joy to my life. It shall be interesting. Happy New Year to one and all!