Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fall Leaves

I spent yesterday and part of today in Auburn, Alabama, where my sweet love's parents reside. A trip out into the countryside to buy some fresh sausage--yeah, I'm still a country gal--led us past quite a number of barns--but SIGH no quilts.

There are still a few leaves clinging to the trees, and I was reminded of one of my
favorite barn quilt patterns. Maple Leaf appears quite often on barns and is as welcome as the coming of the holidays.

Mason County, West Virginia--I visted Mollie Yauger's farm in 2008, when I first began digging into barn quilts. This photo is more recent--and it appears in the book.

My jaunt across Kentucky led to some out of the way spots, including Rockcastle County. I do love the black barn as a frame!

I am pretty sure that I posted a photo of this barn during my visit to Kankakee, but the Maple Leaf at the Curry farm is just an outstanding example. I am so excited that I will be returning to Kankakee soon for a visit!

The mountains of North Carolina can be difficult to navigate; this little treasure was part of a long day of quilt hunting.

Each time I dig through my photos looking for a particular color or theme, I am reminded of all of the wonderful people who visited with me, took me on tours, provided food and lodging. If you are ever in doubt about the inherent goodness of the human spirit--head out into the country.

This week, we intend to do just that. I hope that your Thanksgiving is as filled with joy as our mountain cabin getaway is sure to be.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Just Down the Road

Recently, I was asked to speak at the Quilters Quild of the Southern Crescent, just south of Atlanta in Peachtree City. Yes, we really do name everything "Peachtree" around here!

I so enjoyed the enthusiasm of the quilters; we had a wonderful time together! I am looking forward to some upcoming visits with other groups--nothing better than talking barn quilts!

Laura Bosna, who arranged for my visit with her guild, mentioned that there were a couple of barn quilts nearby. What! New barn quilts in Georgia? Be still my heart!

So after my talk, we set off into Fayette County. We rounded a corner, and YES! There was a Georgia barn quilt!

There were also a couple of other small quilts on the side of the building.

It was a terrific day--sharing the story of the quilt trail with some wonderful quilters and discovering a couple of new quilt squares!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

54-40 or Fight

It's catchup time! I have received so many wonderful photos and updates over the past couple of months and simply haven't had much time to share.

I have been giving my friend Lynn Lokken of Green County, Wisconsin, a hard time for a couple of years. Between working fulltime and heading up an organization that has created over 110 barn quilts, she seldom has time to take a photo and send it along. But recently, she sent me this photo of a fall-colored 54-40 or Fight barn quilt.

I was reminded that I had seen this pattern elsewhere--but I had to dig through my memory and photo files to find a few. The barn quilts of Miami County, Ohio, are lovely--painted directly on the barn by artist Rafael Santoyo. Here is his rendition.

The weather wasn't cooperating, but my trip to Fayette County, Iowa, was memorable because the barn quilt trail was so well put together. Here is their version of this favorite pattern.

Back to one of my earliest barn quilting trips, in the spring of 2009. Phyllis Nash of Grayson County, Kentucky, is part of the barn quilt committee there and the proud owner of this beautiful blue quilt block.

54-40 or Fight is quite popular along the quilt trail. Now that fall is here, I am ready to go out and look for a few more. I am also--after a three-year hiatus--going to finally have time to quilt!

Life is good.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

More excitement!

Yep--that's me with the first review copies of my book! Can't help it--I had to hug them. After more than three years of living together, we finally meet. I think it's love . . .

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Orange you Excited??

Oops--there goes the English teacher with her silly puns!

Jan Struble of Loomis, California sent along this photo of the barn quilt called Citrus Beauty. Jan says, "We chose this pattern because it represents our mandarin orange orchard and the natural beauty of it from the bloom, the mandarin orange forming, the different colors found in the leaves, up until the harvest of the fruit."

Jan plans to add another quilt to the other side of the barn. It is almost harvest time, so those who come to the farm will be greeted with a beautiful painted quilt. According to Jan, her husband, the farmer, will have a hand in choosing the next pattern--always a good sign!

I hope that Jan is successful in generating interest in this wonderful project that has helped bring together so many communities.

Stay tuned--Jan's infectious enthusiasm is sure to catch on, and soon, California's second barn quilt trail will blossom!

If you haven't checked, please do stop by. It's a great resource for barn quilt info. Also, gift certificates for autographed books are on sale. It just makes my day when I see that someone wants to "pre-give" a copy of the book!