Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Whirlwind of Activity!

The book is ready for preorder; I have the proofs with the photos included, and WOW--I am excited! I will post info as to how to order an autographed copy within the next week or so.

I had such a great trip last week to Ashe County, North Carolina. The ladies of the Piecemakers Quilt Guild, in conjunction with the On the Same Page Literary Festival, invited me to speak. I love the mountains of North Carolina and was thrilled at the chance to pay a visit--and to talk barn quilts!

Along the way, we took a quick side trip through McDowell County, whose quilt trail was begun just as my research drew to a close. It was the first time in about a year that I traveled a new trail! This crazy quilt is one of my favorites.

I love the look of a barn with rolls of hay--and such a barn with a quilt on it is even better!
I just had to take some time out before my talk to walk through the quilt show. Of course it's hard to find a favorite, but I suppose because I had a sweet fella by my side, this one drew my attention:

Meanwhile, my dream of creating a website with links to every quilt trail has finally come true--Check out where you will see the clickable map, links to quilt trail news, book ordering info, and much more.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lots Happening 'Round Here!

Can't help it--I LOVE a round barn! This barn in Green County, Wisconsin was the first such barn that I saw, and now--it's wearing a barn quilt!! Lynn Lokken, my pal who is one of the organizers in Green County, sent along these great summer photos. This barn is located at the local apple orchard. The center of the quilt is taken from a Hex Sign that has hung on the barn for years and has become something of a logo for the business. The custom-designed barn quilt is called Apple a Day!

According to Lynn, the Zettles were debating tearing this barn down. Instead, they fixed it up so that it could be home to this Sunflower barn quilt. I love it when a barn quilt saves a barn!

The Bauman's barn quilt is Belted Star. Isn't this a glorious setting??

This last barn is one of the stars of the upcoming calendar. The Bartlett family provided the barn quilt committee with a photo of an unnamed family quilt. Kris Winkler, the other force behind this incredible quilt trail, reproduced the quilt in all of its 14-color glory! Summer Sunday is so named because it reminds one of the farmer's daughters of her favorite days of the year.

There ia a lot more going 'round in barn quilt world. I am traveling to Ashe County, North Carolina next week to speak at a literary festival and hope to stop to see some old friends on the way. Meanwhile, the book is in the final design stages and is still on track for February. It's getting closer . . .