Sunday, April 19, 2009

Eastern TN

I visited Eastern Tennessee last month, and in between quilt barn conversations, I found out so much about the rich history of the area. So many farms that have been in the same family for over 100 years! Roy Settle, who directs the quilt trail program there through the RC & D there (That's Resource Conservation and Development, for the unitiated), was so gracious in helping me to find great quilt stories. Most of the quilt barns in the area are reproductions of actual family heirlooms!

I also found out the value of GPS. I had Google mapped my route but then one visit lasted longer than expected, and all of a sudden, I needed to go from stop B to stop E! ( I did call and cancel C and D) OOPS. So I flagged down a couple of local folks who had the gadget attached to the dash; they plugged in the address, and I was off.


  1. Hi Suzy, love the new blog, will follow your travels. I guess you are looking forward to school being out so you can follow the quilt trails. Sounds like fun, I think I will have to get out there myself and see these beautiful works of art for myself. Happy traveling - maybe we will run into each other!


  2. What a amazing journey, I read most of the whole blog and looking forward to reading more as updates are made. I see by the map there aren't any barn quilts in Utah. I have many ideas floating around my head now after seeing some wonderful quilt barns from your travels.
    Thank-you so much.
    Dee, Cedar City, Utah