Monday, August 24, 2009

Champaign, Anyone?

That's Champaign County, Ohio, where I spent most of Sunday. My tourguide--Tina from the Visitor's bureau--showed me some of the more interesting barns and introduced me to their owners. My new favorite barn has a dodecahedronal (that's 12-sided, y'all) area in the rear with horse stalls that are kind of triangular. I climbed on up and saw how the hay could be dropped into the stalls from above--pretty cool.

I also saw a couple of barns that had writing or pictures created by using different colors of shingles on the roofs. How cool is that tractor??

On the way back to Dayton, I couldn't resist swinging through Miami County for another bit to catch a few barns that I had missed. Another gloomy day weather-wise, but there were definitely some bright spots. Of course, as I drove to the airport at 6 PM--gloriously blue skies with my favorite "poofy clouds." I'm kind of getting used to it.

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