Thursday, September 10, 2009

Too Busy to Blog!

I was filing my photos from the weekend trip and realized that I didn't mention my day in Athens County! Paige Alost of the Visitors Bureau treated me to breakfast (yeah, yeah, more about food). John Lefelhocz, the artist who designed many of the quilt squares in the county, joined us.

Athens has some traditional blocks, but their focus is more on highlighting the features of the county. "All Roads Lead to Athens" represents the convergence of highways in the county and the many smaller roads in the county. It really does look as if the roads are coming together!

The barn on the right is the "Brickwork Block;" Clay is an important natural resource in the area.

Paige and I also stopped by the Dairy Barn--both to see the magnificent barn and its block which replicates the cupolas on the barn and to see the Quilt National Display. This year the show features art quilts. I really liked this one--"Paris--Wish you were Hair." The display didn't list the quilters' origins, but I am pretty sure that this gal is from the SOOUTTHH.

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