Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Farm and Fiddle

Wednesday night, I will be a guest on "Farm and Fiddle," a radio program co-hosted by Margot McMillen, barn quilter extraordinaire from central Missouri.

I have enjoyed talking with Margot about her farm and her local barn quilting community, and I look forward to tomorrow's talk. I have done quite a few interviews, but this is the first time on the radio! I will be on at about 7:15 PM (8:15 Eastern).

From the station's website:

Farm and Fiddle airs on KOPN Wednesday nights at 7:00 PM. with hosts Margot McMillen and Jenny Czyzewski. This is the program that explores and celebrates life on the farm and small towns in mid-Missouri with guests from our rural area and all over the world.

To listen live:


  1. Yay! I love Farm & Fiddle :) And Barn Quilts, of course, so I'll be listening! -Tammy

  2. Thanks, Tammy--I am really looking forward to it!