Friday, January 13, 2012

After the Snow

This incredibly beautiful photo arrived via email today from Bob Myers of Kankakee, IL.

Bob was an early admirer of the barn quilts there and kept me regularly updated with photos as the trail got underway.

He piqued my interest, so when I heard from the folks involved with the quilt trail there that they had something special in the works, I was ready to visit. And sure enough they were right!

You can read about my visit to Kankakee if you go ALL of the way back to October of 2009. WOW--it's been that long!

Those of you who have been following me a while may have noticed that Kankakee barn quilts have been featured here regularly. Nothing better than good friends met along the quilt trail who stay in touch. I'd start listing names, but for fear of leaving someone out, I'll just say that these are some pretty incredible folks.

Isn't this photo breathtaking? I can't help it; I am a Southern gal, and I love me some snow!!

There's a reason that Bob chose this particular barn to capture (I almost said "on film" oops--my age is showing!) and send along to me today. If the farm doesn't look familiar to you--have a look:

The Larson farm is beautiful in any season; I am so pleased to have this wonderful Corn and Beans barn quilt to represent the quilt trail on the cover of my book!

Speaking of Kankakee, I will be speaking and signing books at the library there on April 14. Stay tuned for details. I have about a dozen other sppearances coming up and will have them posted in the next couple of days.

If you'd like to have me speak to your organization or quilt guild, please get in touch!

I think I'll go bundle up under a quilt. No snow in Georgia tonight, but it's in the 20s, so it's snuggling weather for sure.


  1. You had said it allllll, wjen you said you are a southern gal and love you some snow! I feel the sa,e way!
    My friend was so excited to get her gift cert. For her book! Thank you! I am so happy for ypu, do let me know if in my neck of the woods. Or beach or marsh or...however youd refer to this area!
    Trying to get more to your part, mtns of nc

  2. Here in Iowa we are hunkering down for a good-old fashioned snow storm. When it snows so hard that I can barely see my barn quilt across the yard, that's a lot of snow!
    Stay safe everyone.