Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wisconsin Bound!

Day One of the summer tour! We left Atlanta early in the afternoon and quickly drove into hard rains. Not a great feeling when you have books in the back of the truck. Thank goodness for duct tape!

The rain chased us all of the way to Kentucky. We plan to visit the National Quilt Museum tomorrow on the way north, and I wanted to stop by a very special farm on the way.

If you have read the book, you know how my journey began--It was in Cadiz, Kentucky, that I saw my first barn quilt. If Belenda Holland hadn't been so friendly to a passing stranger, I would most certainly not be a published author today. Here she is with her husband, Tony.

We relaxed on the porch for a while and chatted about life on their farm. These two really live the good life--fresh eggs every morning, organic veggies, homemade sausage and bacon--of course they work hard to make all of it happen!

Each time that I have visited, I have found Belenda on the back porch. I love this chair! Added to the list of "things to do when I have time."

It is great to be back out on the road and to have news to share. I wish life on the Quilt Trail could be a full time job!

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