Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Great Guns in Louisiana

Wow--I recall hearing from the folks in Louisiana early in 2012, stating that they had formed the Louisiana North Shore Quilt Trail Association.

We exchanged some friendly emails, and the group also contacted Donna Sue Groves to find out more about the quilt trails' origins and to seek her guidance as they embarked on their journey.

Here is one of the first photos I received. "Idaho Tribute" was chosen because the woman of the house is originally from Idaho.  The pattern is from a long-ago context for quilters to design a block to represent their state. Off to a good start!

 We were thrilled to add a new state to the map at and looked forward to watching the trail grow.

I got a message  a couple of weeks back from president Kim Zabbia, letting me know that they have a website now that we can link to.  I was so pleased.  Then WOW--I looked at what they have accomplished!

A well-organized committee, corporate support, widespread community participation and--dozens of barn quilts throughout several parishes.  This is one of the fastest success stories I have seen.  They even have a gift shop up and running.

Here are just a couple of examples.

How fabulous is this photo?  The name, "Calm at 211" refers to the state of mind that prevails at 211 North 7th street.  The custom design in includes the pastimes that keep things peaceful--the husband's tractor, the wife's pencil art, and the nautilus shell to represent trips to their favorite beach.  They sound like my kind of folks!

I love this square, which replicates a crocheted "quilt,"  One of my grandmothers made these, and I just loved them as a child!

Check it out for yourself at  

You will find maps of each trail and information on each quilt to be found along that trail--it's really nicely done. 

They also have a really great page on their process of creating barn quilts that may be of use to some of you.

Don't forget to visit for signed books and 2013 calendars.  Calendars start with December of 2012, so it's almost that time! 

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