Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Yes, Georgia, we do have quilt trails!

I have been spending a lot of time the past few months speaking to quilt guilds across Georgia. Along the way, I've had the chance to see quite a few quilt blocks that were new to me. 

 I had been to Powder Springs a while back when working on the book, but I missed this Basket on the side of one of the downtown buildings. 

This sampler is a new addition--I love the garden setting! 

Powder Springs began the first section of the Southern Quilt Trail, which has spread to several surrounding counties.

The town is also home to a terrific quilt shop--Kiwi Quilts. If you are in the area, stop by and see Tracey.


I got to Carrollton early for a speaking engagement and took a side trip down to Bowden.  This sweet Tulip quilt was a bit hard to find, as it hides behind a building.  But that was half the fun and worth the trouble.

When I got to Carrollton, I was treated to a visit to the new 

Quilt and Textile Museum.  They are off to a terrific start!

That's not exactly a quilt block; it is a wonderful metal pieced quilt, which I am still coveting. My sweetheart has just begun taking welding lessons--I am hoping he is inspired by this idea!

The following week, as we were passing through Adairsville in North Georgia, I found this block on the local antique mall. One of the vendors in the mall makes and sells barn quilts--painting quilt blocks has become quite the opportunity for entrepreneurs!

I traced my tracks back to West Georgia--this time to Ephesus.  We have few actual barn quilts in Georgia, and I was pleased to find this star on this little goat barn.

Most recently, Thanksgiving took us to a mountain cabin in Ellijay, where an in-town trail has begun, with hopes to spread to the surrounding area.  The Pineapple is the sign of welcome in this lovely town.

I have one more wonderful Georgia barn to show you, but it's a snowy scene.  Since it's 65 degrees here, I just couldn't bring myself to post it.  Since I hate cold weather, it wouldn't hurt my feelings a bit if it took until January for me to get inspired!

Be sure to visit for information and barn quilt maps--and to order calendars and autographed books for Holiday giving.  


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  1. Hi Suzi!
    Thanks for featuring my barn quilt in your article!
    I'm the artist that painted the barn quilt hanging on the front of the Georgia North Antiques Mall in Adairsville, GA.
    It's such fun seeing my barn quilts showing up across the country!