Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Comes to Kentucky!

Well, OK--so they are predicting several inches of snow later this weekend. It's still spring, and I am excited to be in Maysville, Kentucky, for my first book signing with Donna Sue Groves! It was a LONG drive--heavy traffic out of Atlanta, and then several hours headed north. It wasn't really that cold--low 40's--but these amazing icicles hung from the rocks along both sides of the highway--so beautiful! But not exactly harbingers of spring!

We stopped off in Madison County, Kentucky, to take a barn quilt detour. It really was a pretty day, but the camera and the sky were not playing nicely together!.

After a while back on the interstate, we set off on a side trip that I THOUGHT I had well-planned. Oops-even the most seasoned barn quilter gets lost occasionally, and this time. We ended up on such a narrow road where the truck barely fit! But we did find this Crazy Quilt and a couple of other gems.

We go there tonight just in time to make dinner, so we haven't seen Maysville except for our hotel. I look forward to seeing the Maysville Heritage Quilt Trail tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. You might not have found the crazy quilt if you hadn't gotten lost. ;o)
    I found a property outside Bellville, TX that had barn quilts on several structures. I got excited. I'm so easily amused.
    Thanks for sharing the ones you find.