Friday, April 4, 2014

April Foolishness

You know I had to use April Fools somehow, didn't you?  Why am I foolish--well, because this southern girl is headed north in April--and it's getting COLD! I may have to find some gloves so that I can hold the camera still!

We left Tulsa on Tuesday and headed to Kansas
The roads were narrow, and the wind was gusting up to 35 mph.  Never have I been so glad that Glen was driving--I had to shut my eyes a couple of times.  Of course, I managed to open them to capture this scary moment.

Love the highway signs in Kansas!
We got to El Dorado State Park in time for Glen to go paddling.  The winds were a bit high for me, but he pulled his kayak down under the bridge and went for it.

The Flint Hills--so named because of the layer of rock just below the surface--proved to be a beautiful landscape.  Grasses as far as we could see.  I was told that in a few weeks, all of this will be brilliant green.  We will have to schedule our next visit to coincide with that, for sure.
The next morning brought the blue skies that I always hope for. My visit to Pioneer Bluffs was so educational--this is a ranch that has been preserved so that visitors can learn about farming methods from the 19th century. And of course, they have a lovely quilt block--the first in the Flint Hills Quilt Trail.

 Inside of the barn--this was a Sears barn--or some other similar that was delivered by train and assembled on site.  It still amazes me that barns were built that way, but I have seen a lot of "mail order" barns along the way.
We took a break from the Flint Hills and headed northeast to Ottawa, where Chris Campbell started the first quilt trail in the state.  She and I took the tour yesterday.  At the Krambeck farm, a Wedding Ring quilt block features an Angus cow.  These fellas seemed to  be posing for the newest piece of art. Or maybe they just hoped I had food.
 Proud barn quilt owner!  She had these shirts made for all of her family.

Here is an unusual quilt block location for you--the front of a general store that was rescued from Milford, KS, before the area was flooded to create a reservoir in 1962.  Yes--moved intact and installed on this farm.

How fun is this? I was told that everyone from small children to a ninety-year old woman to a few cats have enjoyed the slide!
 My tour ended at Chris' Corner quilt shop--the first quilt block in KS.  The Ohio Star represents Chris' more traditional style, and New York Beauty her coworker Brenda's style of quilting.

On the road again--I am blogging from the bus as we head north.  Ain't technology grand?

It's getting COLDER.  Uh-oh. But we are going to Wichita to see George Strait tonight, and that will be indoors.  Ready for a fun day!


  1. It was WONDERFUL to hear you speak on Thursday. Please return to Kansas

    1. Lois, you are too kind! It will be my pleasure to return to Kansas--with the second book in hand. See you then!

  2. Hi Suzi, Can't wait for your visit to Indiana at our guild meeting on May 19th. I would have loved to see the Sears barn. Enjoy your evening with George Strait. (Can you drop me an email with your schedule for our May 19th meeting, Thanks.