Sunday, May 4, 2014


Glen had teased me for several months about the fact that I had booked a couple of stops in Minnesota in April.  I just knew it would be fine.Well . . . it was.  Sort of.

That was the scene in Rogers, MN where we stopped off to try to get a repair done on the bus.  Eight or so inches of snow--more than I have ever seen!  Gracie usually likes snow, but when it got so deep that she had a hard time walking, it wasn't much fun.

I have to give Glen credit--he was a good sport and didn't give me a hard time about being snowed in!
We were in the area because I had a couple  of talks scheduled nearby.  I love unusual place names, and this one was particularly amusing to me. They have streets with names of the planets, too!
After my presentation in Renville, I conducted a barn quilt painting workshop. I was a bit concerned that we had 28 participants, but everyone was super patient.

Friendship Star in progress.
I promise you, she was happy with the result of her efforts.  Just didn't smile for the camera!
Linda sent me a photo of the barn quilt she had created in the class--in its new home. She said her husband loved it, and he was eager to hang it!  

A week or so later, I headed to Carver County to see their barn quilts. First stop was the Arboretum, where this lovely spring tree was in bloom.  Each section is a potted plant--geraniums, mums, all varieties!
We stayed at the RV park at Mystic Lake casino. We are not big gamblers--though we did find ourselves in front of those slot machines a few times.  But casinos have the nicest RV parks nearby, so we took advantage of that.

There has been a lot of discussion about gun laws lately.  We had never seen a sign like this one!
Yes, I finally did hit the quilt trail.  As you can see, it was a dreary day. I took most of my pictures while holding my umbrella in the other hand!  Love this Daisy pattern.
Always love a barn quilt patterned after an actual cloth quilt.  This one was made in about 1946.  Beautiful quilting!
Appropriately enough, the Log Cabin quilt draws attention to a restored log cabin at the fairgrounds.

On to Iowa for a couple of days.  SO tired of chilly weather, especially since Atlanta has a beautiful spring!  May will be a mad dash--Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, back to Indiana, then up to northern Wisconsin to see the largest single-county quilt trail in the country!


  1. Hi Suzy. Ann KT told me about your blog. Looking forward to reading and following your adventures!

    1. BUDDY!!! I haven't been here in a while--just saw this. So glad to see you--stay tuned for more fun!

  2. Hi Suzy, I am a Friends of the Library President. How do I go about trying to get you to come and speak and do a painting workshop?

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