Saturday, March 13, 2010

Border Crossing

The first quilt trail across the border to our north is now a reality!

The blocks along this trail are part of Wardsville's Bicentennial Celebration; the project is now officially underway with the creation of the first quilt in the sampler that will tell the story of community founder George Ward.

Denise Corneil of Wardsville has been one of those hard at work getting the project off the ground.

Denise explains the meaning behind this strikingly beautiful creation. "The Farmer's Wife: Margaret Ward is in honor of all of the women who worked and toiled by their husbands' side to settle this great land. Working with little complaint and never able to tell their story. We honor them."

The spirit of the quilt trail lives in Wardsville; I hope to visit in June when the entire sampler is complete. I can even take Gracie, the quilt trail pup--how cool is that?


  1. Actually, this is the second trail. We must give due to the International Plowing Match 2009 trail that was established in Northern Ontario last September. Apparently 90 quilt murals were located on farms but we've never been able to find a trace on the Internet (though I have not looked recently). They got very little recognition at the time.

  2. This is an interesting article about quilts and the 2010 International Plowing Match.
    It mentions the book too!

    Was the 2009 Trail just a temporary event for the "plowing match"?

  3. Mary, thanks so much for letting me know about the other trail! I think I have found a trace--now to make some calls and see where that trace leads! Stay tuned for news.