Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Gospel of Groves

I heard recently from Barb Childers, who lives in Clermont County, the next county over from Adams, where the quilt trail began.

The photo is Barb's husband Russ, putting the finishing touches on a Bear Paw quilt he painted on a salvaged road sign--recycling at its best, no?

The Childers also painted the same pattern on their mailbox--I'll bet it makes the mail carrier smile.

Barb said she was pleased that those who read about the quilt trails will learn the "gospel of Groves," but she wasn't talking about just painted quilts.

In her work with the Ohio Arts Council, Donna Sue helped Russ move from the corporate world into a new life as a traditional Appalachian artist. He shares his love for Kentucky music, dance, and storytelling with school kids and throughout the region.

SO--what is this "Gospel of Groves?" Simply put, Donna Sue's understanding of the ability of grassroots arts to inspire and empower, to bring joy to those who participate.

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