Monday, April 26, 2010

Random Acts of Barn Quilting

Sunday, Anya Tyson of Pennsylvania sent along this photo of a barn quilt that she and some friends discovered on the property of a fabric shop in Addison, New York.

I love the color combination; many people stick with brighter colors for the sake of visibility, but this one is just perfect!

Of course, I had to check the map to see where Addison is, and Anya was correct in stating that there is no organized trail in the area.

But where there are barns and quilters, barn quilts seem to follow!

Thanks, Anya, for passing this along. Her blog:

By the way, I "borrowed" the title for this post from Anya's other blog, "Random Acts of Stitching." It was just too good to pass up!

Just a few more weeks before we hit the quilt trail again! I am ready to see some old friends and to make some new ones.

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