Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Crazy in Kentucky

Nancy Miles of Marion County, Kentucky, is a very fine barn artist. I have been struggling for months trying to decide which of her three incredible designs that I saw--all of which have amazing stories--I can include in the book. Or should I say which two I can stand not to include?

Nancy's latest creation is a crazy quilt--those who quilt know that the fabric variety are made of irregular pieces with lots of embellishments and embroidery that make the quilt both more beautiful and meaningful.

The wooden quilt is very detailed and has a lot of personal significance for Nancy, as do her other barn quilts. This one, though, is a "barnless quilt," as no barn surface large enough for all four pieces was available. Nancy's husband put up the fence just so that she could display her handiwork!


  1. The Picasso of barn quilts.
    It looks like each quilt square has the important events from a decade of the artist's life.
    A collage of events. That's great.
    It's a family scrap book. ;-)
    I bet the family could tell you what each piece means.

  2. I would be in the same corner you are in right now. They are all so great!!

  3. This crazy quilt fence is amazing!! :-)

  4. I love this display of the "barn quilts" - how very creative to put these on a fence ! Great idea and just beautiful in that field.