Sunday, June 27, 2010

Maple Leaf and Moose

We must be in Canada!

How cool is this one? Henk Rietveld of Muskoka, Ontario, sent me this great photo of a quilt his wife, Ena, designed for their little barn.

The town of Huntsville hosted the G-8 Summit this week, so Ena wanted to include a Canadian theme - hence the Maple Leaf. And Henk says that there are lots of cottages around the beautiful lakes in the area, so the log cabin motif seemed to fit. You can tell that Ena is a quilter; I would never have thought that those two patterns could be put together!

No world leaders made an appearance, but you never know--maybe the Air Force surveillance folks that Henk says have been overhead for the last couple of weeks enjoyed his project.

The Rietvelds normally have a lot of deer in their yard, but in seven years of living there, this is the first moose sighting. What a great photo op!

I am liking Canada more and more--such a friendly bunch of folks!


  1. Something we don't see 'round here in GA! Great shot.

  2. Thanks, ladies. I am preparing for foot surgery and not smiling a whole lot right now. This one really made my day!

  3. Thanks for your permission to use your photos in my blog post today about virtual travel.

    Do you know if the barn quilts in northeast TN are the closest ones to here? Would love to do a road trip.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. This is absolutely fantastic-especially with the shot with the moose in it! :) These folks should send this in to 'Our Canada' magazine! I bet it would get published!