Sunday, July 11, 2010

Another Kankakee Beauty

Who knew barn quilting could be so much work? That quilt is HEAVY! The newest addition to the Kankakee, Illinois, quilt trail was installed at a structure known locally as The Stone Barn. The historic barn has recently become part of the county museum, and a sampler block that reflects some of the history of the area was the perfect choice.

The Lemuel Milk Carriage House, known locally as the Stone Barn, is one of the oldest historical structures in Kankakee County. It was built in 1860 by pioneer farmer Lemuel Milk, who was responsible for draining the “wet prairies” and turning acreage into pasture for herds of cattle and horses. The land was then made tillable and used for grain crops. The barn is on the National Register of Historic Places.

What a beautiful setting for this block. Suppose I could hire their gardener?

I am thinking now of some of the incredible historic buildings across the country that are home to barn quilts. There are so many stories to tell!


  1. Wow, so colorful! I wonder how they attached it to the stone?

  2. It's actually on posts,but it is set so close to the building that unless you are looking for them, you can't tell.

  3. Oh, this one is a beauty, too! So fun to see them spreading everywhere!

  4. Love the stone barn ,it got to be the first time I have seen a stone barn ,the quilt is lovely too.

  5. The first time I saw a stone barn (it was in Kankakee, as a matter of fact), I thought it was a converted house. But no--a real barn. I have to admit that this whole thing started out because I love barns and was "barn watching" when I saw my first quilt.