Monday, August 23, 2010

Barn-less Quilting

Part of the reason that we use the phrase "American Quilt Trail" is that there are so many quilts on surfaces other than barns.

Yes, I am partial to the sight of a beautiful painting on a farm structure such as a barn or corncrib, but sometimes folks who have no barn want to play, too.

Mary Wingfield of Birchwood, Minnesota sent me this great photo of her garage doors. The doors are slightly oblong, so the quilts don't extend to the edges, but didn't she do a great job? I love the reversed colors!

How much fun would it be to come home to these every day?


  1. Great idea! Quilters are very imaginative.

  2. This one is so pretty ! Even I would paint this on my garage doors IF I had some ! .My Oldest daughter has moved to Paris Tenn. ,hopefully I will be able to visit her soon and I also hope to see some barn quilts on the way ,if I do I will take some pictures of them.