Saturday, August 21, 2010

Help Wanted

OK I know you probably didn't check this page looking for a job opportunity, but if anyone knows of a young person who is passionate about making a difference, here is something to pass along:

Know someone who would like to work developing the Quilt Trail in NE TN? Advertising a one year AmeriCorps Position working in Jonesborough. Low pay/ BIG on experience/opportunity doing something great. $11,800 living allowance/$5,350 Educational award. Will also work developing greenways & trails 25% of time. Contact: Roy Settle-423-753-4441x4 Deadline: Sept. 15 - start date Oct. 1.

Here is a photo from the Northeast Tennessee trail; I wouldn't want to disappoint. This is a fabulous barn, and the quilt on which the block is based lives on the property. I do love to see the cloth originals of these painted beauties. You can also look back to October of 2009 in my archives for other photos and info on this wonderful trail.

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