Sunday, September 5, 2010

More From Morgan County

Back in Atlanta after my brief trip west.

I do believe that the sunflower to the right is the world's tallest quilt square--WAAYY up in the sky. The company processes sunflower seeds. Doesn't the "flower" (which is really part of a fan, but we're not telling) look a bit like the company logo?

Random bits from Morgan County--I couldn't figure out why Farmer Keith Bath kept mentioning Tim Tebow--the former quarterback of MY Florida Gators. What can I say? I don't follow the guys after they leave college--didn't know Tim was a Denver Bronco now.

Along with a classic movie theater, Fort Morgan has a JC Penney store on its main street. I thought for sure they they existed only in malls and online!

Another colloquialism--Nancy told me that when a young couple ventured alone into the pasture, they were said to be out in the "gimme weeds." I didn't have to look that one up!

Throughout my travels I have heard the upper portion of the barn--which I had always thought was a loft--referred to as the hay mow (rhymes with cow). In Colorado, it's a hay loft. They never heard of a mow. Go figure.

I posted a photo on Facebook of a barn with sunflowers; here is another pretty one. I do love these "weeds."

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  1. Fun post. I've always been a trivia buff. I have heard the term "haymow" but not "gimme weeds".

    My best guess on where "Haymow" comes from is it is mowed hayed. (The word "mow" showed up in several definitions.)

    Wish I had an OED.