Saturday, September 18, 2010

Spoiled in Seneca

If this isn't the coolest thing in quilt world, I don't know what is! The quilt car was created by an incredible quilter--Jenny Grobusky--and was parked in front of the entrance to the Lake and Mountain Quilters Guild show in Seneca, SC.

When I am out on the quilt trail, I never allow myself to stop to see cloth quilts. I have had to walk away from homes full of antique treasures so that I could budget my time.

Not so, today. I traveled just across the GA line to Seneca and was determined to spoil myself with a leisurely look through this show. What a great display of artistry and the perfect start to the day.
Of course, my real mission was to meet Martha File, who coordinates the efforts of the Upstate Heritage Quilt Trail and to see the artistry they have created. One of my faves is this Double Wedding Ring, in downtown Westminster. I love the detail in each swatch of fabric.
I titled this post "Spoiled," and if you have read this far, you may be wondering what I mean. Two words for you--Pimento cheese. Yeah. Homemade southern yumminess for lunch--you can't order this stuff in an Atlanta restaurant, that's for sure. The sandwich itself was worth the drive!


  1. I am crazy about that car quilt!!! Amazing feat and what an amazing job! I will be heading up that way to see the quilt trail. Thanks for finding it so close to GA. Vicki

  2. Love the calendar idea - I just ordered one! Can't wait til your book comes out!