Thursday, February 17, 2011

No Barns in Atlanta

We may not have any barns in Atlanta--But we do have some great photographers! I was at a friend's home a couple of months back and someone mentioned my book. I love talking about barn quilts, but here in the barnless part of the world, folks' eyes kind of glaze over when I start to explain. But this time was a bit different.

As it turned out, one of the women I was talking to was an incredible photographer--Ali Laipple. She had taken photos of barn quilts on the way back from a friend's wedding in Southern Kentucky last summer. Aren't the effects wonderful? I keep looking at them over and over--so refreshing to see barn quilts depicted through her artistry. Now if I can get Ali back on the road--wouldn't a calendar of photos like these be amazing??


  1. Your blog has always been such a pleasure to read. I am passing along the One Lovely Day Award. Please go to my blog at for details and to pick up your award. Thank you.

  2. Hope all is well... I have missed your posts.

  3. Thanks, ladies. As you can see, I have returned! Now I just need to go through the last couple of months' worth of emails to see what I need to share!

  4. Hi Suzi, I am planning a barn quilt for our gargage here in Douglasville. And while we are in a mainly barnless area, you may enjoy a visit to Powder Springs where several of the businesses in the old town are graced with barn quilts. That is where I caught my spark.

  5. Lolly,

    How great that you are going to have a garage quilt! I love it! Yes, I have been to Powder Springs; the folks there did a great job. There is a post somewhere way on back in the blog about my visit. Wouldn't leave my home state out of the book!

    There are also a few others in NW Georgia but nothing like the neighboring states. Gives me an excuse to travel, though.

    A new trail just started last week--right up near the SC border. So GA is getting there!

    Do send along a photo when you get your project done!