Sunday, April 17, 2011

Not Exactly the Beach

I've been bad; spring has been with us for a few weeks now, and I haven't posted any springtime photos!! Scott County, Kentucky, was one of the earliest stops along my journey a couple of years ago on a perfect April weekend like this one. The black barns really set off the painted quilts.

As I walked around enjoying today's spectacular sunshine and cool breezes with all of the dandelions blooming, I was reminded of this photo.

It's the perfect combination for this particular spring, since the quilt square is "Storm at Sea." Though these last few days have been spectacular, we have had the most frightening weather these past few weeks. I'm glad I didn't head to the beach for spring break!

Here is a closeup of the painted quilt block; I think they did a great job at replicating the fabric look.

This was actually a fun photoshoot, as I had a consultant nearby.


He posed for me, but his big head kept getting in the way of the barn quilt--I do believe he thought I was there for his sake!

As always, if you have photos to share of your projects or those that you have seen along the way, do pass them along. I love your comments here, but if you have more to share, contact me at

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