Saturday, August 13, 2011

Isn't she lovely?

So thrilled with the cover for the book! The cover photo is the Larson farm in Kankakee, Illinois, one of my favorite quilt trails. Yes, I am allowed to have favorites. Plural :-)

I chose this one partly because it's just a lovely photo. But of course, there were other lovely photos. I didn't want just anyone's barn quilt on the front of my book, though. As I sifted through the finalists, I recalled my visit with the Larsons and the immense pride that they have in their property. I wanted to display that kind of pride on the cover of this book, to remind me of all of the amazing people that are part of the quilt trail.

And of course, the quilt pattern is Corn and Beans--one of the most common along the quilt trail, and one that represents well the farming communties across America.

I am so thrilled that the folks at Ohio University Press liked my choice!

It's getting closer!


  1. I'm guessing that waiting for one's book to be published is somewhat like waiting to give birth--all your hopes and expectations and excitement gathered together, waiting for that one event.
    I'm excited FOR you, Suzi.

  2. Great choice. We have been past this one, and I agree. It is very nice. Looking forward to seeing the book!!

  3. It is a wonderful choice! I can't wait till it is out! I've got to get one for my friend in Australia too!

  4. What a beautiful choice! Sounds like everything is coming together. -Tammy

  5. Thanks so much, everyone--can't wait to be able to say, "It's here!!"

  6. Question: Our big barn quilt project is asking the question:
    Who owns the quilts?
    What kind of insurance are barn quilt projects buying to cover any liabilities? i.e. installation.

  7. Yes, she sure is lovely! A wonderful choice for the cover!!