Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Holiday Stars are Twinkling!

Well, the first round of holiday stars was a lot of fun! Let's see how you all do with this batch. As with last time, all of these wonderful stars are located within the same state--can you guess where?

Those who guess correctly by Thursday noon will be placed into a drawing, with a fabulous (if I may say so) barn quilt calendar going to the winner:

Send me your answer via email to americanquilttrail@yahoo.com or respond in the comments below.

I think maybe this batch will be more difficult, but let's see. Good luck!

Don't forget barn quilt holiday goodies. I have gift cards that you can present, redeemable for an autographed first edition of the book. And of course, a barn quilt calendar is perfect for the quilter who has everything!


  1. This is FUN! Okay....brick....weeping willow...hill...all say "south"to me. First guess is Mississippi. It could be AL, but going with tje ole Miss. :)

  2. North Carolina, but that is a true guess.

  3. I'm guessing North Carolina. That last star is very unusual.

  4. Got my calendars!!!! LOVE THEM! Can't wait for the book!!!
    I was wondering, are there any in AK?~!?!?