Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Holiday Stars are Twinkling!

Well, the first round of holiday stars was a lot of fun! Let's see how you all do with this batch. As with last time, all of these wonderful stars are located within the same state--can you guess where?

Those who guess correctly by Thursday noon will be placed into a drawing, with a fabulous (if I may say so) barn quilt calendar going to the winner:

Send me your answer via email to americanquilttrail@yahoo.com or respond in the comments below.

I think maybe this batch will be more difficult, but let's see. Good luck!

Don't forget barn quilt holiday goodies. I have gift cards that you can present, redeemable for an autographed first edition of the book. And of course, a barn quilt calendar is perfect for the quilter who has everything!


  1. Okay, I'm going to guess Kentucky this time. Looks like Kentucky :D

  2. This is FUN! Okay....brick....weeping willow...hill...all say "south"to me. First guess is Mississippi. It could be AL, but going with tje ole Miss. :)

  3. North Carolina, but that is a true guess.

  4. I'm guessing North Carolina. That last star is very unusual.

  5. Got my calendars!!!! LOVE THEM! Can't wait for the book!!!
    I was wondering, are there any in AK?~!?!?