Friday, December 2, 2011

Holiday Stars--and a contest!

Here we are with the holidays upon us, and I have run out of themes for barn quilts. Red and green--did that one. Trees--yep. Snow--those were beauties! But what about this year? After a bit of pondering and looking through photos of barn quilts, it struck me that--hmm--so many quilt patterns are stars of some kind. That has a bit of a holiday connection, doesn't it? SO here we are--HOLIDAY STARS!

Since it is the season for giving, one reader who correctly identifies the state in which all of these barn quilts reside will receive a 2012 calendar. Email your answer to or comment below. At noon on Sunday, I will draw a name from the correct answers and send a calendar to the winner. Here you go!

If you think you know where these shining stars can be seen--let me know--only one answer per person--and a beautiful calendar might be yours.

In addition to calendars, remember that I have gift certificates for autographed books available for Christmas giving--perfect for any quilter! Click on the book cover for more information.


  1. I am absolutely positive as to where they are not - here in North Carolina. I've never seen barns like those on any of our quilt trails up in the mountains (plus no mountains in the background, so that's a clue).

    Other than that, I have no idea. I'll look forward to the post that reveals their locations.

  2. Pennsylvania? You probably put that one " fancy " barn in to throw me off. Lol 2nd choice would be vermont. I have no idea. How do you keep track of them all?!?!

  3. Had some good guesses, but the majority (a total of 8 out of 14 guesses) guessed correctly that these barns are located in Ohio.

    "sosarahsew," you are the winner! Please send me your mailing info ( that I can send you a calendar.

    Just FYI--The first barn is Harrison County, Ohio; the second is the historic Dairy Barn in Athens; next is in Gallia County; the final two are both in Brown County.

    Sandra--to answer your question, as I was traveling, I downloaded my photos every night and created a folder for the county or counties I had visited. So I have twentysomething folders, each for an individual state, and then within each state, a folder for each county.

    That said, I saw a quilt recently into which the quilter had incorporated hundreds of little photos of barn quilts, and my middle-aged brain was able to name where most were located--I suprised myself!

    Stay tuned; I will post a batch from another state in the next few days.

  4. I love it! Good for you! Ive got to get my order in to you!! Need book n calendars! Signed.....
    Love your work,

  5. Ohio? thanks for the contest. Lizzie

  6. I'm too late for the contest but I know where...OHio. I have been to one of them for sure. The one on the Dairy Barn in Athens, OHio!