Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Iowa Flat

No, the heat has not caused me to lose all sense of grammar. I had an Iowa flat. In 102 degree heat index blazing sun--my rental car blew a tire. I am very lucky that I had taken a slight detour off the highway through Greene County, as they have some barn quilts there. Above left is near Jefferson.

Back to our story, I should have just called Hertz and let them deal with it, but I thought I would change the tire and get back on track. Just when I was about ready to cry (and fry, sitting on the pavement at a convenience store), two knights in shining Chevy arrived and put the spare on. They wouldn't even let me buy them a Coke. I mean pop.

Soon I was on my way to Washington County, where my Iowa journey began eight days ago. Jane and Rosemary are such laid back gals; I was two hours late, but they still made time for me. Jane says she thinks painting barn quilts is good exercise that might actually lead to weight loss. If only the activity weren't paired with the barn quilt cookies that inevitably appear!

We visited with the Zieglowsky's; Mr. Z was busy mowing--these Iowans are of sturdier stock than I am. His wife shared with us some of the history of their property, which is on the patriot barn quilt trail, with all red white and blue blocks.

A storm was rolling in, so we quickly stopped by to see the Wolfs. Their house--a rebuilt barn--is stunning. It has a loft and many of the same features as the original barn. The house was built in the 70's, and apparently the previous owner was quite "mod," as she had this cherry red bathtub with gold fixtures installed.

Yes, I am posting a photo of a bathtub. But it is in a barn, after all.

Tomorrow, it's goodbye to the plains and back to the city. I am ready for my own bed and a smooch from the best dog ever.

Donna Sue says I am going to find the love of my life on a farm with a barn quilt. She may be right, but if so, he's not an Iowa farmer. Stay tuned . . .


  1. I think the tub should definitely go in the book.
    For future trips, you may want to consider AAA, they can be a life-saver. I don't know if they'd help with a rental car but the membership travels with the person, not the car.
    Have a safe trip back to Georgia.
    Looking forward to future trip reports.

  2. Suzi,

    I know that you will be glad to get back home, but it isn't going to be a bit cooler back in Ga. It sounds as if you have had a wonderful time, meet a lot of good folks, and taken some great pictures (thanks for sharing). I find myself with less time right now than when I was working, but I still intend to post more often.

    You are getting a lot of really good information, and Donna Sue may be right ;-)


  3. Though it is hot here, I am relaxing with the Gracie dog and looking forward to catching up with friends. I hope to hit NC next week. Which means it will rain--it never fails.

    And yeah, it would be a nice postscript to the book if Donna is right.