Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Another Fabulous Tree-t!

One of the best parts of this project was visiting places I might never have seen, and Neversink, New York, definitely falls into that category.

I was there in fall, but David and Phyllis Moore, who were my hosts on the trip, were kind enough to provide some photos, including a nice set of snow pics.

This quilt is called Timber Trees, and it lives at the Gotsch tree farm. During the season, they added freshly cut trees to create this lovely scene--there are even a few snowflakes floating by!


There is still plenty of time to order calendars; I am mailing them out daily, so any order before Monday will be there in time for Christmas giving.


  1. I like this tree block! Don't you just love place names like Neversink ?

  2. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. My list of inspiration (for future barn quilts) just goes on and on! -Tammy

  3. I really like this one! Lovely!