Sunday, December 5, 2010

Let it Snow!!

When we Atlantans sing, "Let it Snow," it is always with wide hopeful smiles, as we just don't get much here.

I will be attending my first holiday party tonight, and we will be out caroling--a dying tradition, perhaps, but one that this particular group has enjoyed for over thirty years.

It's a bit odd, though, to share spiked cider with adults who were the eager children in the front row way back when. Now their kids have become the doorbell ringers!

My theme for this December is Christmas trees with barn quilts. But you have to admit that there is nothing better than a Christmas tree with a barn quilt in snow.

This gorgeous photo came to me from Jo Ann Sadler of Correctionville, Iowa. That part of the country was buried for weeks last year, but at least for now, she can celebrate the beauty here.

"I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" (Just like the ones I've never known . . .)


  1. A very beautiful photo. It is summer in NZ so I am enjoying seeing all the 'White Christmas' scenes in posts like your's.

  2. Thanks--glad you like it. I was corresponding with a woman in Australia who bought one of my calendars. The photos in the calendar match the seasons, so November-January all are snow photos. She said the same thing--that she would enjoy seeing the snow photos on her wall in the summer!