Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Got that tree decorated yet?

This tree would look just incredible with a few lights, I think.

Back to my barn quilts with Christmas Trees theme. This might just be stretching it a bit. OK--I'll admit it--I wanted to sneak in another snow photo.

And that could be a Christmas tree in front of the barn, couldn't it?

This winter scene features the Curry barn in Kankakee, Illinois, with its Maple Leaf quilt block. Those of you who follow me at all probably have noticed that I am partial to Kankakee. And snow.

It's supposed to be about twenty degrees here tonight--but will my world be adorned in white? Nope. Still dreaming, though.

My faithful friend in North Georgia, Susan Tidwell, won the copy of Kansas City Star Book From the Bedroom to the Barnyard in today's drawing!

Susan is one of the few proud creators of barn quilts here in my home state.

I am so excited--I have sent calendars to Australia, England, Canada, and now New Zealand! Pretty darned cool

Stay warm, y'all. And you folks who are enjoying summer right now--pity those of us who are bundled up against the chill!


  1. Hi Suzi, I really like this photo. I wonder if anyone who reads your blog would know of a designer who has some Barn cross stitch patterns that I could order? I especially like the red barns. Yes, it is Summer here but the last week has been raining non stop and quite humid. Kind regards, Ann

  2. Ann, I will post this on Facebook--I have about 500 people on there, so chances are one of them will know. Will give them your blog address so that they can respond.

  3. I won! Thanks Suzi, looking forward to my early Christmas present. Hope you are staying warm down yonder in Stone Mountain.

  4. Thank you so much Suzi.

  5. No responses, Ann--except for a couple of folks who said that they woud like a cross stitch pattern as well. When I Googled it, I found a few, but maybe they aren't quite what you are looking for.

    COLD here!!!

  6. Suzi, beautiful, just beautiful. I will def. sign up to follow! I just won a gorgeous calendar. Thank you so much.

  7. Linda--I'm glad to see you here and hope you enjoy your calendar. Be sure to let your friends know--there's plenty of time to order!

    Wait until you see the Christmas tree quilt block. A real beauty!

  8. This is completely new to me: do people over there in the US really hang quilts on their beautiful swedish-looking barns or are these "just" paintings? It looks so beautiful and I would like to know where to travel to see these.

    1. Barbara, these are 8 by 8 foot paintings (on wood), and there are thousands of them! If you check out my website www.barnquiltinfo.com you can find out all about the barn quilts.